We offer cradle to grave services: we can support you in
starting up your business in the Netherlands / Europe, and
or manage your withdrawal from the Dutch / European
market. We are talking about hands on management
whereby experienced managers :

  • organise your local set up
  • inform the public notary
  • take care of all tax matters
  • take care of automation
  • take care of financial registration
  • get the office organisation running
The same applies for a liquidation or inactivation of an
existing company. Professionals we are working with are:
  • accountants
  • legal advisors
  • tax consultants
  • publics notaries
They suggest the best route to follow in the start
up period. We guarantee that you receive crystal
clear offers on the services they render to you.
Our philosophy is simple: No extended reports,
one page advise, quickly and efficiently.